Fresh Expressions is excited to announce a new partnership with the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC). The CGGC has a rich history and strong commitment to global mission, making it a good fit with Fresh Expressions’ focus on pioneering new forms of church.

The Churches of God, General Conference was founded in 1825 and has over 300 churches in the US and international locations such as Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. It is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, and also founded CGGC educational institutions such as the University of Findlay and Winebrenner Theological Seminary.

According to Jacob Clagg, Director of Communications for the CGGC, the denomination was inspired by the successes they saw in churches that had experienced Fresh Expressions trainings like Vision Days and Dinner Church Encounters. “The success of these events has led to a desire from the national office to make these resources available to all CGGC churches and make them as accessible as possible.”

The new partnership resonates with a recent theme for the CGGC – “Reimagine.” “We recognize that the church is in a precarious place right now, particularly in the US, but also abroad, and that requires us to rethink how we reach out,” says Clagg. “[This means rethinking] what church can look like. Therefore, we believe that partnering with organizations like Fresh Expression is essential for carrying out the mission of God in our ever-changing world and culture.”

Fresh Expressions fits well into the efforts already happening in the CGGC. According to Clagg, “a number of our churches are rethinking what church looks like in their context. For some, this means relocating to a place where people actually live, for others this means starting new ventures like small non-profit businesses, recovery homes, or food pantries, and for others this means decentralizing and moving towards a house church model. Supporting these different expressions of church is how we deeply invest Christ and ourselves into communities.”

Fresh Expressions emerged in England in 2004 out of the Anglican and Methodist churches, with the vision of forming new Christian communities that reach people who don’t go to church. Its success in England led to its introduction in the US in 2010, where it has become a cross-denominational movement.

Fresh Expressions’ focus has always been to connect existing churches with new, innovative ways of reaching people. This approach has helped congregations adapt and evolve, making them more effective in reaching new people and sharing the gospel.

For both Fresh Expressions and The Churches of God, General Conference, this partnership represents a commitment to adapting and evolving church life to better reach people and share the gospel in today’s world. By working together, these two organizations can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to traditional church models, helping churches be more effective in sharing the love of Christ.

Is your church or organization ready to join the mission of Fresh Expressions and help foster new forms of vibrant faith communities?

Fresh Expressions’ practitioner-based approach offers training and guidance that is uplifting, life-giving, and practical. Partnership brings the power of authentic stories and practical insights that will inspire and empower your congregation.

From sponsoring a one-day event like a Vision Day or Dinner Church Encounter, to crafting something unique to your needs, there are many ways to get involved with Fresh Expressions. Join us in creating a space where every person can encounter Jesus spiritually and every Christian join God’s mission in our world.

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