The Basics For

Regional Church Leaders

You’re a denominational leader eager to inspire your churches to express their faith in new ways.

The churches and neighborhoods seen from the South Street Parking Garage in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Step 1

Sponsor a 1-day training.

There are churches in your denomination, network or region that want to do new things, but don’t know where to start.

Fresh Expressions trainings, such as Vision Day or Dinner Church Encounter are full of tangible models and theologically-robust ideas that honor your unique heritage.

Step 2

Sponsor a roundtable.

You are excited to see how a Fresh Expressions strategy could ignite a new movement in your denomination, network or region. Now, you just have to get your team on board.

A Roundtable provides an extended time to prayerfully discuss the concepts, theological foundations, and the developmental process of fresh expressions of Church.

Step 3

Sponsor an ongoing training community.

Implementing a new strategy will take time, training and accountability.

Fresh Expressions training communities, such as the Pioneer Cohort and Dinner Church Launch Cohort, will provide you with new ideas and actionable training, it will also surround you with friends and colleagues who are going through the same thing.