Join in the work.

We seek out partners to sponsor events, tailor training to specific needs, and collaborate on new ideas.

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Find commonalities. Foster connection. Forge strong faith communities.

Fresh Expressions works with denominational streams, regional church bodies, individual congregations and ministry leaders to provide vision and actionable training for congregants to help them take hold of the mission Jesus gave His church. Our partners find our trainings to be uplifting, life-giving, and practical.

On-the-Ground Perspective

We are unabashedly practitioner-based.

That means that all of our trainers are people out in the fields, each making a difference. They share their passion, anecdotes and guidance to connect with those who are just starting their own journeys. Their authentic stories and experiences provide insight and encouragement that builds confidence in each move of the Holy Spirit.

What does partnership look like?

There are several ways to join in the work of Fresh Expressions.

It can look different in every situation. We are inherently receptive to new ways the Holy Spirit leads to bring people together.

Fresh Expressions makes a place for everyone to connect spiritually. We value that relationships organically form through our trainings and partnerships, so every person can live out the great commission.

Begin something fresh today.

Let’s connect and plan how we can create fresh expressions of faith today.

some of our Partners and Friends
  • American Bible Society
  • Fuller Seminary
  • BGAV
  • Great Plains United Methodist
  • The Episcopal Church in Wyoming
  • Mississippi Conference: UMC
  • Michigan Area: UMC
  • West Ohio Conference: UMC
  • North Georgia Conference: UMC
  • Kentucky Conference: UMC
  • Mission Northwest
  • Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida
  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Fresh Expressions UK

“Fresh Expressions put church planting within the grasp of every church in America. Anyone can do this.”

Tricia Leistra
Church Multiplication Operations Manager, Reformed Church in America