Cohorte de Arquitectos de Expresiones Divinas

¿Qué incluye Cohorte de Arquitectos ? Seminarios web mensuales por la noche Sesiones de coaching mensuales Portal en línea con guías de actividades y contenido de capacitación. Copia de "Becoming Church: A Trail Guide for Starting New Expressions" Tablero de discusión de cohortes en línea -------- What does the Architect Cohort include? Monthly evening webinars...


Dinner Church School of Leadership

*Online Event*

Fully Accredited Seminary Training For Missional Leaders Recovering The Ancient Practice Of Gathering  Church Around The Table An online virtual school meeting weekly to explore the missional, ecclesial, theological, logistical and practical details of being a Dinner Church leader and a part of the Dinner Church movement.  Classes run from September 2022 - May 2023

Church @ Play

*Online Event*

How Your Passions, Curiosities and Hobbies Can Help Start Fresh Expressions of Church

Families on Mission (RCA Track)

*Online Event*

Reaching New People and Connecting in Meaningful Community by Starting House Churches

Virtual / On-Line Dinner Church Pre-Launch Cohort

*Online Event*

A Dinner Church training day to help you recruit, prepare & launch a mission to reach people with Good News imparted at a meal . Based on the theology of the table, Dinner Church embodies the model given by Jesus and that dominated the Apostolic Era, where conversations, ideas, and lives were shared by people...