Congregation-Based Discipleship Cohort

*Online Event*

“Ultimately each church will be evaluated by only one thing. It’s disciples.” (Neil Cole, Ordinary Hero) Yet, local churches struggle to formulate an approach to helping their members grow to look like Jesus and engage in God's mission. What if you could help people grow in their faith, connect deeper to your congregation, and identify...

Dinner Church Encounter Seattle WA

Calvary Christian Assembly 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA

A Dinner Church training event to equip and inspire people to launch a mission to reach people with Good News imparted at a meal .

Digital Ministry: The Next Chapter

*Online Event*

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, expectations for businesses, restaurants and even churches to have a robust digital presence has skyrocketed. This discussion will provide an overview of the different digital media options and a framework for thinking about how to use them to shape your ministry.

Changing Church for a Changing World (Atlanta Vision Day)

Global Ministries - The United Methodist Church 458 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Building A, Atlanta, GA

Vision Day is a one-day training event that teaches churches how to reach all kinds of people in all kinds of places.

Adaptive Church Leadership Cohort

Kansas City, KS

The Adaptive Church Leadership Cohort offers the resourcing, the team approach, a community of fellow travelers, and the coaching that can help you take the important steps towards more impactful ministry in a radically changed world. Through an 18-month process, a team of up to 6 participants from your congregation will discover and live into...

Dinner Church Summit

All Saints Episcopal Church 338 East Lyman Avenue, Winter Park, FL

New Dinner Churches are popping up every day! Jesus' followers of all stripes are rediscovering the power of gathering around a table. New people are experiencing God's grace, and old congregations are being re-energized. Inspired by the practices of Jesus and the first churches, Dinner Church is a simple, ancient, and biblical approach. But it's...