Virtual Pioneer Cohort 02

*Online Event*

This 5-month experience will build on the listening and relationship building you have already done. If you are looking to deepen a sense of community, form an increasingly Christ-centered community, and foster discipleship that makes sense for the context, this Pioneer Cohort is for you.

Small Church Think Tanks

*Online Event*

God has given you the Holy Spirit, the most creative force imaginable. But it still helps to have other leaders to help you dream and pray. Find the time that best suits your team and join a one-time Think Tank with Fresh Expressions Associate Director of Training Heather Jallad and other church leaders like you...

Dinner Church Training / Parkersburg, West Virginia

South Parkersburg Baptist Church 1655 Blizzard Dr., Parkersburg, WV, United States

A 2 day training combining a Dinner Church Encounter (Discover the power of the historic Jesus Table approach for starting new church communities. A five-hour day conference perfect for networks, churches or individuals AND Launch (Develop your team’s Dinner Church launch strategy. You will leave this five-hour day conference with an actionable plan in hand)

Gathered to Scatter

Summit Church 10375 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID, United States

Our neighborhoods are aching for the good news of Jesus Christ. God wants to empower everyday churches to proclaim the Kingdom in everyday places. Learn how regular congregations are reimagining and reorganizing to bring hope into the cafés, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and common places we spend our days.