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These day events begin with the rich theological history of the dinner church vision, and progresses throughout the day toward more practical insights that would enable a leader or group to imagine hosting a Dinner Church in their town.

An Encounter is a great opportunity to come as a core plant-team or as a church group that is interested in doing a fresh expression of church as a part of the established church they all attend.

The training sessions assume each attender has little or no knowledge about the historic dinner church approach that was widely used throughout the first three hundred years of Christianity. But by the end of the day, it is our hope that every attender will have a very clear vision of What, Where, Why, When, and How they might help establish a dinner church in their city – maybe even within the shadow of their own steeple. An Encounter gives theological and missional warrant for a Dinner Church mission.

Beyond the training sessions there will be several other resources available, and insight into how to use these tools to engage the groups home church when they get back. It is our belief that after attending an Encounter, each person will never look at their city the same way again – especially the needful, sore neighborhoods.