Show Notes

Many traditional Christians build their weekends around Church attendance, many others are spending their weekends “playing.” Hobbies, sports, and other activities provide much more than a thrill or a distraction: they are places where people feel more alive, more embodied, and often build their most profound community. Rather than try to pull people away from their passions, how can church leaders embrace people where they are having fun?

Marcus Corey has spent over a decade leading a church that meets on a ski mountain. Mitch Marcello has pioneered Fresh Expressions in various “fun” settings, like social dancing groups and rugby leagues. 

In this podcast, you’ll hear real stories of God at work and building Christian community in places dedicated to having fun.

Fresh Expressions is a worldwide movement of everyday missionaries who want to see churches thrive in the places we live, eat, work and play by leveraging the creativity and endurance of the inherited church. To learn a simple five-phase process for starting a new expression of church go to

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