Show Notes

How does a pioneer stay passionately focused on their mission and deeply rooted in their relationship with God? One way to engage with Scripture for the purpose of understanding how we join God’s work in our world. 

In this episode, we feature an excerpt of our audio devotional resource Missio Divina. This resource is only available on FX Connect (, an online community for pioneering leaders. In this audio devotional, you’ll hear scripture, and be prompted to listen to the Holy Spirit, in order to be propelled into mission in your context.

Each episode of Missio Divina focuses on one of the phases of developing a fresh expression.

Those phases are:

  • Listening
  • Loving & Serving
  • Building Community
  • Exploring Discipleship
  • Church Taking Shape

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Fresh Expressions is a worldwide movement of everyday missionaries who want to see churches thrive in the places we live, eat, work and play by leveraging the creativity and endurance of the inherited church. To learn a simple five-phase process for starting a new expression of church go to

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