The Dinner Church Handbook: A Step-by-Step Recipe for Community Evangelism

With church attendance nationwide declining at an alarming rate, it’s increasingly clear that something must change. Instead of being drawn to the church steeple, it seems that today’s culture is actually repelled by it.

What if we went back to the form of church the apostles used? What if we recovered Jesus’ dinner table theology for the modern church?


In The Dinner Church Handbook: A Step-By-Step Recipe for Community Evangelism, Verlon Fosner begins by evaluating the rich scriptural history of the dinner church, and gradually works his way into the practical questions a leader might have: Where to plant? How long will it take to prepare? How much will it cost? What about the food? Is there a service order or liturgy? Who will come? How can one grow toward Christlikeness in this church?

The need for this handbook grows by leaps and bounds once a church starts to notice a particular neighborhood in their town—really notice it. It’s when the heart of the church swells in compassion for its neighbors who may never darken the doorway of a traditional church building that dinner churches are born.