A Time to Heal

Even before the tumult of 2020, our country was experiencing a bevy of change, division, and uncertainty, both inside and outside the Church. Here’s the good news: in the shadow of our collective woundedness, we have an opportunity to partner with God in the healing process.

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What do we do with our wounds? Healing is always about connection.

The world is disconnected, longing and groaning to be restored to shalom. 2020’s world-altering implications paved the way for us to see with sharp clarity the reality of our collective woundedness and the ripe opportunity to partner with God as bearers of healing.

In A Time To Heal, J.R. Briggs invites us to turn our eyes to Jesus, the God who dressed in human flesh and came to be among the people he created, who puts his wounded arm around us to comfort us, to befriend us, to remind us we are not alone, and to ask us to trust his wounds for the sake of our own healing. And as we trust Jesus with our wounds, he invites us to join with him to be bringers of healing to others in his name. Truly, this is what the world is looking for.


About J.R.

Dr. J.R. Briggs is Founder of Kairos Partnerships, an organization committed to serving hungry kingdom leaders and helping them grow in health and effectiveness.

He also teaches in the practical theology department at Missio Seminary, and serves as National Trainer and Strategist for Fresh Expressions U.S. and Director of Leadership and Congregational Formation for The Ecclesia Network.

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