How did a struggling 100-year old church grow into a network of over a dozen Dinner Churches, and go on to inspire the 300 new dinner church plants? 

In this first episode of the Dinner Church Podcast, you will hear about that journey firsthand from Verlon and Melodee Fosner. This episode is packed with wisdom, stories, and practical advice, perfect for anyone learning about Dinner Church for the first time or trying to start one.

Verlon and Melodee Fosner have been in church leadership for 35 years. They are founders of Community Dinners, a network of Dinner Churches in Seattle and Dinner Church Collective, a movement of Dinner Church practitioners across North America. Verlon is the author of books like Welcome to Dinner, Church and A Trowel and a Sword. When not traveling to train dinner church leaders, Verlon and Melodee can be found with their grandkids in Seattle and Nashville.

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