Churches, with their official buildings, formal architecture, and highly developed language, are great for insiders.  But in a world less familiar with Church, Christians must be masters of hospitality. In this talk, Alan Roxburgh helps explain what hospitality is, why it matters for to Christian leaders who are passionate about God’s mission in the world..

Fresh Expressions is a worldwide movement of everyday missionaries who want to see churches thrive in the places we live, eat, work and play by leveraging the creativity and endurance of the inherited church. To learn a simple five-phase process for starting a new expression of church go to


Alan J. Roxburgh is a pastor, teacher, writer, and consultant with more than thirty years experience in church leadership and seminary education. As a senior consultant with The Missional Network, Roxburgh leads training and consulting initiatives across the world. His many books include Reaching a New Generation, Leadership in a Time of Change, Introducing the Missional Church, and Missional: Joining God in the Neighborhood. When not traveling or writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jane, and their five grandchildren in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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