Fewer and fewer people find their way to a traditional church building on Sunday. So what would it look like to bring church into every context? Drawing on decades of experience helping lead the Fresh Expressions movement in the U.K., this talk from Michael Moynagh with ignite your imagination with new dreams of where church can happen.

Fresh Expressions is a worldwide movement of everyday missionaries who want to see churches thrive in the places we live, eat, work and play by leveraging the creativity and endurance of the inherited church. To learn a simple five-phase process for starting a new expression of church go to freshexpressions.com/howtostart.


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Revd Dr Michael Moynagh is an internationally recognised missiologist who has been central to the development of the Fresh Expressions movement in the UK and beyond. He is also an associate tutor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and a senior research fellow with Career Innovation. He is author or Church in Life: Innovation, Mission, and Ecclesiology and Being Church, Doing Life: Creating Gospel Communities Where Life Happens and other seminal texts within the Fresh Expressions and mission-shaped church movements.

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