Fresh Expressions of Church are started by Pioneers, with the help of Supporters and Permission Givers. Permission Givers are often positional leaders within a church, denomination or organization who believe in the importance of fresh expression experiments. They sense that God is inviting the church to take some chances and try some new things.

A Permission Giver’s favorite question is: “What do you need for this fresh expression to have the best chance to thrive?” Permission Givers have a leadership role or a reputation that a congregation trusts, and if they celebrate the fresh expression efforts, the existing congregation will get excited, too.

The Permission Giver often knows the system, has influence, and can help release financial resources and congregational support. Permission Givers can anticipate where there will be resistance and can work to protect and empower the Pioneer. And Permission Givers are often great mentors and sounding boards for Pioneers as they lead the mission.

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