Incarnational Innovation, draws on the Christian doctrine of Incarnation and concept of Innovation, especially as understood in industrial and web design.

The doctrine of Incarnation is rooted in themes found Scriptures such as John 1:14, which refers to Jesus as “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Incarnational can be understood, is “the immersion of one’s self into a local culture, group or person’s experience for the purpose of representing Jesus in contextually authentic ways. A ministry, church or missionary who act incarnationally will forgo methods based on efficiency for ministry that is “up close and personal.” Incarnational ministry and mission will also rely on the language and practices of the host culture, rather than those of the missionary.

‘Innovation’ refers to solution to a particular problem that comes from inventing or finding a new way to apply a method, idea, product, service, or system. Innovation comes through “the sending of creativity.” Through this movement, one has the opportunity to dream and ask big “what ifs”, turn ideas into solutions that haven’t been seen before, and thereby pave new paths forward.

Thus, Incarnational Innovation is the process of missionary-minded Christians living and serving in contextually authentic ways for the people they serve, in order to discover new ways to solve their problems. Incarnational Innovation requires that the innovator is located within or experienced in the day-to-day needs of those they serve. It seeks to connect the head (new ideas) and the heart (experiences that are deeply felt) to the feet (local, tangible problems) in a manner that reflects the person and teachings of Jesus.

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