A fresh expression of Church is a new form of church which is trying to connect with people who don’t normally go to church. Pioneering leaders are ordinary people who seek to start fresh expression of Church in the places and networks where they naturally find themselves.

Fresh expressions are not one more thing to add onto your church’s programming, but an opportunity to live more deeply into your church’s purpose.

Fresh expressions take place in the everyday places and spaces that Jesus-followers inhabit, by simply loving, serving, and fostering deep community in these places. Over time, there are natural opportunities to share faith and to encourage those coming to faith to form a small Christian community where they are. 

The term “fresh expression” can refer to efforts of relationship and community-building that may eventually mature into a new, contextually unique form of Church.

A fresh expression is not in competition with established, organized, traditional or inherited expressions of Church. On the contrary, a fresh expression of Church is often pioneered and supported by an established church, eventually resulting in a “blended ecology,” where one church has multiple expressions.

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