A fantastic cohort of young adults have joined the Fresh Expressions team for the summer.

The interns are writing stories about fresh expressions of church emerging all over the country. If we know about something you’re doing, don’t be surprised if you get an email or phone call from one of them asking you to share the story of your fresh expression of church.

But our list is in no way comprehensive, so we’d love for you to speak up and make sure we know about your fresh expression of church. If you want us to know what you’re doing and hear your story, get in touch with us here.

We’d love to let the world know some of the amazing stories of church cropping up in unexpected places!

The interns have taken up a rhythm of life that includes daily worship and prayer, shared living accommodations and shared meals. They are working with a local team to help launch a dinner church and are loving and serving their neighbors by bringing coffee to the local Laundromat to see what conversations might emerge.

The internship is based at The Center for Faith and Leadership in Fredericksburg, Virginia, an incubator for Fresh Expressions of church among college students and young adults. The project is funded through Fresh Expressions, The Fredericksburg Area Baptist Network and the Baptist General Association of Virginia.  

Be praying for this energized and faithful team of young adults who are committed to living and learning together as they share the stories of what God is doing through the Fresh Expressions movement.


Matthew Beeler, Kaya Prasad, Emily Daly and Connor Janney.


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