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Is God calling you to start a fresh expression of church?

Do you see opportunities for the church to connect with neighbors it is not connecting with currently?

Do you feel led to start something new but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel like you don’t fit in or maybe think differently than others in your church?

Join a Pioneer Cohort and get the jumpstart you need to give it a go!

The Pioneer Cohort will not only provide you with new ideas and actionable training…it will also surround you with friends and colleagues who are going through the same thing. Participate online without leaving your context.

Each Pioneer Cohort Includes:

What can we expect?

You can expect to roll up your sleeves and try some things! This Cohort is not just about listening to teaching and taking notes—you will be encouraged to spend time every week in your community, applying the ideas that you’ve learned. You will also have the opportunity, the accountability, and encouragement that comes from sharing your experience with your peers.

Two Options Based on Your Needs

Pioneer Cohort 01: Beginning the Journey

$265 for training and becoming church book

This 4-month experience will get you listening deeply to your community, building friendships through loving and serving, and beginning to form a team. If you need a spark to get started, if you are trying to discern what kind of fresh expression God is asking you to lead, or if you need support in how to develop more authentic relationships in your community, this Pioneer Cohort is for you.

Pioneer Cohort 02: Deepening The Journey with Community and Discipleship

$265 for training and how to pioneer book

This 5-month experience will build on the listening and relationship building you have already done. If you are looking to deepen a sense of community, form an increasingly Christ-centered community, and foster discipleship that makes sense for the context, this Pioneer Cohort is for you. 

The Process

Each cohort will help participants apply the Fresh Expressions Journey in their context. This loving-first journey is not about starting a splashy new church program…it’s about connecting with people where they are, helping them explore spirituality in ways that make sense to them, and helping them discover the beauty of Christ-centered community and the joy of life with Jesus. We won’t help you start your slick marketing plan. Instead, we will help you to love and engage in your community in ways that allow the good news of Jesus to be encountered, experienced, and embodied.

Level 01 focuses on the listening, loving, and serving steps of the journey (4 months).

Level 02 focuses on the building community and exploring discipleships steps of the journey (5 months).

Each synchronous cohort offers a monthly teaching and discussion webinar, an activity or assignment to live out in your own context, a monthly coaching opportunity, and asynchronous resources to support your learning. The activities are the very things that will help you move from thinking ABOUT fresh expressions to actually DOING them.