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The Incarnational Innovation (i2) Accelerator is designed to help teams move from imagination to innovation, revolving around a specific challenge the team is trying to solve.

The accelerator dives into a variety of topics around creativity, divergent thinking, change management and more. It will change the way your team approaches problem solving (including how you brainstorm, communicate ideas, launch new initiatives, and more). It will also give your team a consistent, inclusive tools and strategies for each step of the i2 process when creating new or enhancing existing ministries into the future.

What is the i2 Process?

The i2 process was founded upon Design Thinking methodology, that has been adapted to be rooted theologically and practically for the Church to use for problem-solving and innovation. Each step of the process is filled with tools and methods for teams to apply to their design challenge. Each team must come in with a design challenge, which is either: an idea of a problem they are trying to solve, a ministry they are trying to develop or make better, or a product or service they want to create.

How is the Accelerator structured?

*The length of the Accelerator can be amended to a certain extent to meet your team’s needs.

Additional coaching and in-person options are available, wherein a custom package would be agreed upon.

If you are interested in starting this process with your ministry team, please contact Mitch Marcello at Mitch.Marcello@FreshExpressionsUS.org.