Jesus Stories: They Changed Everything

A new edition of the Contemporary English Version translation of The Gospels and The Acts, custom-designed and edited for post-Christian audiences in the United States and Canada.


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Research by Gallup, Pew, Barna, and others consistently demonstrates rising Bible illiteracy and declining church membership/religious affiliation in the United States and Canada in the decades since World War II. Growing numbers of post-Christian Americans are unwilling to engage with the full canon of Scripture in the context of traditional church.

National Director of the rapidly expanding Fresh Expressions Dinner Church movement, Verlon Fosner, reports: “We have found ourselves longing for a Bible with the potent Christ-Stories that we could hand out to these newly forming congregations.”

Jesus Stories answers this call, as it provides a biblical introduction to Jesus and the Church, making Scripture available in a language and format appropriate for post-Christian audiences.

This printing utilizes the Contemporary English Version, a highly simplified translation tailored for spoken usage. It provides an appropriate biblical resource for missional “Fresh Expressions of church” emerging alongside existing congregations in homes, around dinner tables, and in other community spaces.