A Trowel and a Sword: Prayer Practices for Those on the Frontlines of the Gospel

This book is for anyone on the frontlines of the gospel, whether it be at work, redeeming neighborhoods, working with the most vulnerable or leading prayer and evangelism efforts.

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Churches and Christians have a knowledge of prayer; we intercede, make petitions and in our despair cry out to God in our need.  There is another type of prayer the church needs to practice and possibly learn or re-learn and that is the prayer that fuels the mission of the church into the world. A prayer that builds up and and is ready, willing and able to do battle in spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness.  In these days of conflict, strife, dissension and division, we need people of prayer who will penetrate the darkness of this world armed with the light of Christ.  In the book of Nehemiah we see a profile of what this looks like.  While building a wall around Jerusalem the workers came under siege by those in the country side loathing their efforts. So they worked with a trowel in one hand and fought with a sword in the other.  In doing so they prevailed.  A Trowel and A Sword will take you on a journey to learn this needful type of prayer; learning about the obstacles, language, vocabulary and posture of frontline missional prayer from a Pentecostal pastor and an Epsicopal priest whose voices find harmony as they delve into frontline, missional warfare that changes the world.

“Verlon Fosner and Jon Davis, experienced and thoughtful pastors and church leaders, remind us in A Trowel and a Sword that, when we kneel in prayer, we pray not only for ourselves but also for the Church. We do this so that we may catch a glimpse of God’s will for the Church and so that we may be strengthened and inspired for His service. Davis and Fosner offer a compelling argument for focused and intentional prayer, a call to keep near us in our prayers a trowel for building and a sword for defending. In the spirit of Ephesians 6:18, I recommend this book to all who love the Church and seek to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

–The Rt. Rev. Samuel Johnson Howard, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida

“For a long time now we have needed a theology of spirituality – including the practice of prayer and the way we live as Church in the world – that marries the vertical encounter with God to the horizontal call of joining His mission. A TROWEL AND A SWORD is much needed for this time! What Fosner and Davis have done is inseparably interlace prayer and evangelism in a fresh approach to Mission. Reaching those far away from God is not just about best practices – it is about knowing what it means to pray to the Lord of the harvest. But reaching people cannot be simply about prayer – we must equally do the hard work of understanding how best to reach people in our present cultural milieu. I have a lot of friends who are all about The Presence and not so much about The Mission; and I have a lot of friends who are all about The Mission and not so much about The Presence. This book marvelously weds both. I urge every church leader to buy a passel of these books!”

–Steven Fry, President Messenger Fellowship /

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