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Advent Anywhere

How to Celebrate in House Churches, Dinner Churches, Messy Churches or Anywhere Else

Fewer people are coming to Church, but Advent still resonates.

Explore new ways to bring classic traditions to any setting.

How Do You Bring Advent into Your Unique Church?

You love Advent, but it can be hard to imagine how to celebrate it outside a formal, traditional church.

In this free eBook you’ll discover how to celebrate Advent Anywhere. You’ll explore how this ancient celebration can be experienced in fresh ways both outside and inside the traditional church. You’ll delve into the themes of hope, peace, joy, and love, and find new ways to anticipate Christ’s coming in transformative ways. 

Ideal for individuals, families, and communities seeking to deepen their spiritual experience during Advent, this ebook is a must-have resource for reimagining holiday traditions and even the Church in diverse and meaningful ways.

About Fresh Expressions

For over two decades, the Fresh Expressions movement has helped inspire and equip leaders to start thousands of new faith communities in homes, community centers, dog parks, tattoo parlors, cafes and other unexpected places.

Recognizing that traditional Sunday services attract less than half of Americans, Fresh Expressions encourages a “blended ecology of church,” combining the history and beauty of the established churches with creative, contextual forms of Christian community.

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