Does the idea of fall and winter ministry fill you with excitement or dread? The fall and winter seasons can be exciting or exhausting. Plus, the average church is still struggling to regain momentum lost during the pandemic.

The new season of the Fresh Expressions podcast is packed with stories and strategies from real-life practitioners that will fill you with new reasons to be excited to what is to come. Join host Heather Jallad, a pastor and Fresh Expressions pioneer, as she speaks with a wide array of everyday pastors and missionary-minded practitioners about opportunities to reach new people in new places with the news of Jesus’ kingdom.

Helpful Episodes Coming Your Way

  • 🎃 Halloween and Community Life: Explore how Halloween, fall sports and other aspects of community life can open doors for your congregation to try new things.
  • 🦃 Thanksgiving and Church Planting: Follow J.D. Larson’s surprising journey that led him to reimagine his approach to church planting.
  • 🕯️ Rediscovering Advent: What if the Christmas season was more about waiting for Jesus than Santa Claus? Join Father Jon Davis to explore the ancient practices of Advent and imagine how they could be expressed outside the walls of church sanctuaries and cathedrals.

Along the way, you’ll hear about this history of Christian mission from Michael Frost, the future direction of the Church in North America from Dr. Chris Backert, and practical ideas tools to kick-start your New Year.

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