Help - The Neighborhood has Changed Around My Church!

Featuring Ken Carter and Audrey Warren 

Churches used to be inseparable from neighborhoods.  

But today, the entire concept of a neighborhood has shifted. What should churches do?  

Churches today need fresh approaches for...  

... starting churches in both neighborhoods or networks ... embracing the strengths of both attractional and missional models ... innovative pastoral leadership that still honors tradition ... reaching new, diverse and younger populations.  

We'll discuss that and more in this 100% free webinar. You will learn: 

  • How leaders can match their passions with the hidden "third places" around them. 
  • What discipleship and spiritual formation look like in the Fresh Expressions movement. 
  • How to resource and sustain new forms of church, and why it takes a village. 
  • How to reach people where they are and not where we wish they were. 


Ken Carter is resident bishop of the Florida Area of the United Methodist Church, a moderator of the Commission on a Way Forward and incoming president of the UMC Council of Bishops. He is author of ten books.  

Audrey Warren is senior pastor of First United Methodist Church in Miami, Florida, and was a founding convener of the Fresh Expressions movement in the Florida Annual Conference.