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What if you had no choice but to reorganize the way you gather, love and serve as a church?

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, you must. These resources will help.


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How Your Church Can Be Faithful During Coronavirus

Dr. Charles Harper, Dr. William B. Hurlbut, Barry Crane, Jean Doerge

Fresh Expressions US and Missio Alliance bring together a scientist, a health expert and two church leaders to help you navigate this complex issue.


Help! We Have to Become a Distributed Church Overnight!

Michael Beck, Shannon Kiser, Paul Maconochie

What if you had no choice but to reorganize the way you gather, love and serve as a church? This is the question the Coronavirus is forcing people around the world to consider.


Epidemics: How the Church Has Responded Through History

Dr. Philip Jenkins

The Novel Coronavirus continues to spread around the world. Thankfully, Christians have been loving and serving their neighbors throughout multiple crises for two thousand years.


Two Churches at Once

Tod Bolsinger, Shannon Kiser

You are now an online Church—whether you like it or not! How do you adapt while maintaining true to the identity that has always been the center of your congregation?


Light in Dark Times

Healing Souls During the Pandemic and Beyond

Kate Blackshear, J.R. Briggs, Linda Gorham, Philip Monroe

The job of a church leader has radically shifted because of the pandemic. As our collective trauma piles up, how can we care for our souls and those around us?

Engaging the Financial Challenges at our Doorstep

Wayne Faison, Dave Briggs, Krystal Speed, and Laura Van Hove

As the Coronavirus continues to disrupt our lives, churches are beginning to navigate difficult financial realities. Furloughs and lay-offs are only the beginning.

What steps can you take now to ensure your congregation will continue to thrive when the economy tanks?


Reset: Start Your Church Again After the Quarantine

Iosmar Alvarez, Heather Jallad, Matt Lake, Susan Harper

Have you ever wished you could just start over? Despite its tragedy, the pandemic lockdown gives many of us the opportunity to do just that!

You can begin planning now for how your church can join God's mission in new ways while honoring the heritage of what God has already done among you.

Crisis: Your Congregation's Opportunity for Change

Jim Baucom, Eliseo Mejia, Elle Pyke, Jared Siebert, Verlon Fosner

Have you ever wanted to change something about your congregation, but the time wasn't right? As difficult as the quarantine has been, it is forcing every church to change!

In this FREE webinar you'll learn from pastors and change experts how to leverage the pandemic crisis to create something new in your congregation.

Unlock your Creative Potential: Help Your Church Innovate Now & Into the Future

Mitch Marcello, Elle Pyke, Jared Siebert, Dave Bindewald, Sarah Keasler

Quarantine is forcing the Church in North America to live under new constraints. These limitations are painful, but could they also be freeing? In this free webinar, you will explore how innovation happens and how to discover your innate, Holy Spirit -infused creative capacity.




Preaching from Home by Rev. Jennifer Ackerman- Director, Ogilvie Institute of Preaching, Brehm Center | Fuller Theological Seminary

Tips for Preaching from Home by Rev. Jennifer Ackerman

Godly Play at Home- by Meg Hoffman, Oak Church Durham

Leading Your Church Through the Pandemic by Fuller Seminary

Practical Strategies for Leading Scattered Church by 3DM

Our hope is that these resources, as well as this entire season of quarantine, will renew the imaginations of Christian leaders.

Approaching this season as merely looking for workarounds to connect until we can get back to the “real” business of the church—meaning, gathering in large groups for well-produced services and events—will only land us back in the same place when we come out of the current crisis: struggling to get people to connect and largely failing to connect to the unchurched and formerly churched.

But what if we see this season as a chance to lay the groundwork for transitioning from the dominant model of ministry being done by ministry professionals to a more robust (and biblical) model of leaders equipping, blessing, and sending the people of our church communities to do the work of ministry in their families, on their blocks, and in their neighborhoods?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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